MPS from York and North Yorkshire have called for steps to ensure mobile phone coverage in rural areas is improved as promised.

More than 40 MPs from the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Rural Business, chaired by York Outer Tory MP Julian Sturdy, have written to Ofcom to highlight the need for annual monitoring of mobile operators’ commitments to increase rural 4G mobile coverage.

Ofcom has recently committed to maximising 4G coverage across the country, including 500 new mobile masts in rural areas.

But the MPs have raised concerns on how this will be monitored, saying there is no obligation on mobile operators to report on successful mast completions until 2024.

Mr Sturdy said: “While Ofcom’s initial announcement truly has the potential to revolutionise mobile coverage across the countryside, it will fall by the wayside if progress is not monitored on a regular basis.

"We need annual reporting to ensure that mobile operators are holding their promises to the public on delivering a 4G network which works for people wherever they live.”

Thirsk and Malton MP Kevin Hollinrake, said: "If you live and work in rural North Yorkshire, 2024 seems like a lifetime away. Although we have seen significant improvement in towns like Thirsk, Malton and Pickering, many of our villages, dales and moors are completely without even 2G coverage."