AN 81-year-old retired soldier from York who survived an IRA bomb blast is taking on the daring challenge of wing walking in aid of other veterans.

Cedric Sharp will be strapped to the wing of a 1940s Boeing Stearman bi-plane flying at 135mph in a nerve wracking challenge he hopes will raise money for veterans and their families.

Cedric said he feels compelled to help other veterans having served in the Army for 30 years.

In 1972 he was injured by an IRA bomb attack on the 6th Parachute Brigade Headquarters at Aldershot and he said the military charity SSAFA was there to help those affected.

He said: “The force of the blast was felt in Aldershot town centre.

“I was walking close to the Officers’ Mess at the time and was thrown to the ground but I was saved by a large earth mound that was between me and the bomb. I knew by instinct what it might be and I ran over the mound to see if I could help.

“It was a devastating sight, and even now I find it difficult to adequately describe. Many agencies, including SSAFA, were assisting in the aftermath. I believe that they still were many years afterwards. I’m delighted to be giving back to SSAFA to help others in need.”

Cedric is due to take part in the challenge in the skies over Selby on May 12.

Jim Morrison, head of community fundraising at SSAFA, said: “Cedric’s wing walk is an incredibly brave and exciting way to raise money for SSAFA and we are extremely grateful.

“The money raised will go a very long way in helping us support the military. The money raised from the wing walk will go towards supporting veterans and their families.”

It is hoped the challenge will raise £8,000. Donations have already reached over £1,000.

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