CAMPAIGN groups are calling for an extension to the York Central planning application feedback period - claiming they are "overwhelmed" by the volume of material to consider.

York Civic Trust, York Central Action and the York Cycle Campaign say it isn’t feasible to sift through the thousands of pages making up the planning application and provide informed feedback on the revised plans in the timescale given.

The consultation period began on January 30 and ended last Friday, however the group has asked for a 30 day extension until April 1.

In a letter to York Central Partnership the group said it was "completely overwhelmed" by the documentation in the outline planning application.

It said: "It is far fetched to think that individuals could consider this vast amount of material and give informed feedback in 30 days even if they made it a full-time occupation. So, we call on the authorities to immediately and without qualification announce an additional 30 days extension to the feedback period.”

A City of York Council spokesperson said: “As the local planning authority, we are currently considering and assessing the York Central application. The planning committee will now be held on March 25. This will make sure members are provided with the comprehensive level of information they need in order to consider the application and reach an informed decision, while also ensuring that the application is still considered in a timely manner.”

In a letter to York Central Partnership and City of York Council, York Cycle Campaign added: “We are concerned that the time given between final responses being received and the preparation of the committee report and officer recommendations is likely to be not long enough for public responses to have been properly considered. We ask that officers are given at least 30 days, from final responses being received, to write up their report, thereby respecting the effort that community groups and members of the public have put into providing feedback, and to give those responses the consideration that they deserve.” The council confirmed York Central will be considered on March 25.