ED Gamble favours snappy names for his tour shows. Lawman in 2016, Stampede in 2017, Mammoth last year, and now Blizzard, which blows into The Crescent in York, on Saturday.

"I like one-word titles because they convey the energy of my shows – I'm energetic on stage and try to hit people with as many punchlines as possible. It's always about the energy and the density of jokes," says Ed.

"Although the latest title, Blizzard, relates specifically to the first story I tell in the show about being stuck in a New York snow storm for five days,” adds the London comic, who first performed in York in the duo Peacock & Gamble.

As is the custom for all comics, early copy deadlines for the Edinburgh Fringe brochure necessitate Gamble coming up with a title and description of a new show before the material has settled into shape. For last summer's Fringe he picked Blizzard and trailered material about "the eternal struggle for identity and getting conned by a guide dog". "You can write pretty much anything in the blurb," he says. "I wanted to say something profound to contrast with the guide dog story."

Gamble is undertaking his biggest tour so far – 44 dates, by comparison with 17 on his first – and he enjoys the freedom of a tour show, whereas the Edinburgh Fringe is more regimented, being restricted to an hour max. "It's still the same topics, the same themes, but it's loosened up, and I have the chance to talk more to the audience – and they're there for the night. It's not their fifth show that day!"

Tickets for Saturday's 7.30pm Burning Duck Comedy Club gig are on sale at wegottickets.com.