STEVE Harley knows how to make an impact. "You know I'm nursing a broken hip?" says the Cockney Rebel leader at the outset of his latest catch-up with The Press. "I completely broke it in half."

Ouch. "You know what they do?" he asks. No? "They put in a titanium plate and screws. It's permanent; that's what's now holding it together."

Broken hip, plate and screws, nothing will stop Harley playing at a sold-out Pocklington Arts Centre on Sunday at 8pm, leading the Steve Harley Acoustic Trio with fellow Rebels Barry Wickens and James Lascelles for company.

Already, Harley has put up with the inconvenience of his healing hip for 50-60 shows, latterly on a four-date Dutch tour, but what caused the injury? "You slip, don't you. I slid my left heel on a carpet on the oak floor of a friend's Georgian house. I was three nights in hospital and just said, 'Get me out of here'," he recalls. "I'm now walking on one crutch, but they said it could take e a year and a half to heal fully, because it feels numb. It's like carrying around an old Eighties' mobile phone! It's starting to annoy me."

Maybe aptly for an acoustic set, on Sunday Harley will be seated on a high stool with a foot rest. "It spins," he says, with the delight of acquiring some freedom of movement.

Pock is one of 31 shows on his Acoustic Trio tour, performing the familiar likes of Mr Soft, Judy Teen, Mr Raffles, Sebastian and Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me). "It just keeps growing, doing more and more shows,"says Harley. "I dropped my agent two years ago and we haven't stopped working since!" Never mind that hip, plenty still makes him smile.