I never thought that I would say this, but well done City of York Council.

By deciding to restore the Guildhall you are sharing the vision of the generations of public spirited citizens who made our city the global treasure that it is today (Guildhall refurbishment to commence in the spring, February 18).

You have shown considerable courage in putting the interests of the city itself before the short term perceived financial interests of your ratepayers and those who would have benefited from flogging off an historical icon for yet another ‘prestige’ hotel.

This modern generation is at odds with the old idea of quality for its own sake.

I recall Fred Dibnah, the TV steeplejack, saying how impressed he was by the quality of the brickwork at the very top of the tall Lancashire mill chimneys.

No one could have seen if it were mediocre but the bricklayers’ pride in their work still came to light after over a century of obscurity.

I would like to think that in 2500 AD a plaque might be found in the Guildhall listing the far sighted councillors who saved it in 2019.

A V Martin,

Westfield Close,

Wigginton, York