MORE than 30 York people have reported being victims of attempted fraud in the past week - with many of scams by people purporting to be from the tax office, police have revealed.

Officers tweeted that there had been 31 locally reported frauds in York over the past seven days with a current trend of HMRC-style frauds.

HMRC said: "If you've received a threatening voicemail or automated call demanding money, claiming to be from ‘HMRC’, this is a scam.

"Please do not comply and report anything suspicious to us.

"Do not give out private information (such as bank details or passwords), reply to text messages, download attachments or click on any links in emails if you’re not sure they’re genuine."

Police have also warned people to beware any calls from people saying they are from Microsoft. "They are NOT from Microsoft.Never, ever allow anyone access to your computer/laptop remotely."