Having witnessed the decline in the standard of York’s roads in the years I’ve lived in the city I’m inclined to agree with Christian Vassie’s comments (Letters, February 7).

The current short-term fixes employed by the current Lib Dem-Conservative administration are simply not fit for purpose.

This time last year we learned that York has the highest number of minor roads in need of repair in the country.

A year later we now read that reports of potholes have increased by almost 500 in 12 months.

I don’t accept that these shocking statistics are purely down to extreme weather.

It is down to a complete absence of long-term solutions from the current coalition, and is down in large part to the unwillingness of the Lib Dem-Conservative administration to allocate sufficient funds to a problem that gets worse.

The people of York know that their roads are not good enough.

They are the ones feeling the impact whether they live in the city centre, in Holgate where I live, or in communities on the outskirts such as Huntington, New Earswick, or Rawcliffe.

This needs to change.

David Heaton,

St Paul’s Terrace,

Holgate, York