THE Liberal Democrats have

announced they will contest every City of York Council seat in the May local elections as they unveiled their key priorities.

Cllr Keith Aspden, leader of the group, said candidates would be

campaigning on the issues that

residents say matter to them.

He said the group’s manifesto will focus on five areas and include plans

to take enforcement action against illegal parking, explore opportunities for a York tourist levy and increase investment in young people’s mental health care.

Cllr Aspden said: “As part of our

York 2019 campaign, we delivered

thousands of newsletters, we

published social media posts and had a number of events where we asked residents for their ideas, for the things they would like to see changed.

“We have taken that information - things residents and communities are talking about - and they will be the things we really prioritise and will include. We are really pleased to be able to announce all 47 candidates we will be contesting all seats.

“What we thought is really important before we launch our manifesto in two months’ time is to be about to say what some of the things those candidates will be campaigning on and what we can start talking about an changing in York.

“There will be a lot more detail when our manifesto comes out.”

He said the group wants to focus on making the city “cleaner, greener and smarter; create safer communities; build more homes; give the city’s

children a better start and improve York’s economy for all”.

Cllr Aspden added that the party’s local election candidates come from backgrounds including teaching, the armed forces, science, floristry and a variety of other roles.