TWENTY more cyclists have come forward to say they have had accidents - many described as “inexplicable” - on a stretch of York road.

Earlier this week The Press revealed how a campaigner claimed that eight people had suffered broken wrists on the same stretch of road, which runs through Piccadilly, Fishergate and Skeldergat.

Since reading the story, 20 more cyclists have now contacted The Press to say they have suffered injuries after slipping off their bike when turning into Piccadilly.

City of York Council has apologised to cyclists who hurt themselves at the junction, and said it would using a skid treatment on the road surface in a bid to prevent further accidents.

Lesley Fairburn, who came off her bike in 2015, is calling for an urgent investigation.

She said: “It was a fine day - the roads were damp but not icy. I was not travelling particularly fast, however for some inexplicable reason my bike slipped from underneath me and I ended up in the middle of the road. Fortunately the vehicle behind managed to stop before running me over and they very kindly looked after me.

“I ended up in A&E with a broken collar bone and a cracked rib.

“Fortunately I was wearing a helmet which prevented a serious head injury.

“After reading the story in the press it brought it all back. I agree with the general consensus - the road surface needs to be investigated before there is a tragic accident.”

Michael Salmon, from York, fell off his bike in Piccadilly two years ago, causing him to need several months of physio.

Grant Price said that he now cycles a different route to work after coming off his bike at the spot.

He said: “I was riding around the same corner, not at excessive speed or on hazardous road conditions, and my front wheel slipped out.

“I didn’t get it checked out but I should of done as I was in agony and now suffer from a loose hip.

“I now cycle through town rather than using that stretch of road as I cycled it a couple of times afterwards and could not feel safe.”

A woman, who did not want to be named, said she will undergo an MRI scan after falling off her bike last Monday.

James Gilchrist, assistant director of transport, highways and environment at City of York Council, said: “We are sorry to hear that some cyclists have been suffering falls and we apologise for the distress and discomfort caused.

“We have looked at the road surface at the junction of Piccadilly and Fishergate/Tower Street, there are no defects in the road. However, in response to the reported accidents we will be taking action to put an anti-skid treatment on the surface. Long-term we are looking at how we can re-route cyclists away from this tight junction as part of the Castle Gateway project.”

Jim McGurn, of Get Cycling, said he witnessed another cyclist fall off on Tuesday.

He said yesterday: “The number of incidents highlights how serious this issue is. Only yesterday I saw another cyclists fall on the corner.

“The council needs to address it and find out the problem.”