A YORK secondary school has reduced the number of pupils it admits in each year group.

Vale of York Academy in Clifton, which is part of the Hope Learning Trust, asked City of York Council for permission to cut its admission numbers from 190 to 150.

The school is currently undersubscribed and experiencing difficulties in managing a suitable number of pupils in each class, according to a report.

New head teacher Toby Eastaugh, who joined the school on January 1, said: “Since joining the Hope Learning Trust, Vale of York Academy has been on a journey of rapid progress - our results in 2018 showed measurable improvements and we have seen an increase in the number of first preferences for entry in September 2019. We are committed to growing the number of pupils on the roll.

“Much hard work has already been carried out to this end and this will continue, but currently it is in the interest of our students, staff and the financial stability of the school to reduce the published admission number (PAN). We will remain in conversation with the City of York Council and will of course be open to reviewing the PAN in the future, as and when demand increases.”

A report prepared for the council’s executive member for education, Cllr Keith Myers, said the admission numbers could be raised again if there was enough demand to create a higher number of form groups.

But the report continues: “Predicted pupil numbers across the secondary planning area for the north of York show a continued significant surplus of places, mainly as surplus capacity at the Vale of York Academy.

“As the size of the secondary cohorts increase generally across the city, the forecasts – based both on preferences and local resident numbers – show no substantial further increases are expected in the numbers for this school.” The reduced numbers will apply from the 2020/21 school year. The school currently has 568 students. At the same meeting Manor CE Academy, which is also part of Hope Learning Trust, was given the green light to increase its admission numbers from 232 to 240 in response to oversubscription and housing developments planned close to the school.