CITY Screen, York, will present an early preview of Lebanese director Nadine Labaki's new film, Capernaum, on Friday at 8.45pm.

Labaki first made her mark with the 2007 romantic comedy Caramel and in 2012 she directed Where Do We Go Now?, wherein Muslim and Christian women join forces to stem the tide of violence in their war-torn Middle Eastern village.

In Capernaum (15), a young boy called Zain stands before a courtroom judge, asking to sue his own parents for giving him life. The circumstances that have brought him to this point take the viewer on a journey that starts with his large family.

Forced to live by his wits in order to survive, Zain reaches a turning point when his parents make an unforgivable deal to marry off his beloved younger sister. Left distraught by this terrible act, Zain runs away from home.

While looking for work at a fairground, he befriends a young Ethiopian woman, who is working illegally as a cleaner, and helps to look after her adorable one-year-old baby, Jonas.

Zain and Jonas form a touching bond but life becomes much more complicated when circumstances force Zain to make choices that will have huge ramifications.

The power of Labaki's story is enhanced by the stellar performances of the young and non-professional cast, headed by Zain Al Rafeea, who has been described by one reviewer as "a pint-sized James Dean" as he rails at social injustice.

Capernaum is a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit; a battle cry for the forgotten, the unwanted and the lost that offers hope in the most unexpected of places.

Dave Taylor, City Screen's marketing manager, says: "Nadine Labaki's new film mimics a documentary style, firmly taking the side of children struggling with poverty and the unfairness of living in an adult world. We’re pleased to be able to offer such an early preview on February 1 as the British general release isn’t until February 22."

Tickets for Capernaum can be booked on 0871 902 5747, at or in person at the Coney Street Picturehouse.