TEXAN musician Israel Nash performs his psychedelic brand of cosmic Americana at Leeds Brudenell Social Club on Sunday night.

Nash will be showcasing last year's Lifted album with a full band in tow, supported by Loose Records label mate Joana Serrat.

A modern-day hippie spiritual, Lifted was recorded at Nash’s own studio, a Quonset hut structure called Plum Creek Sound at his ranch home in Dripping Springs, Texas Hill Country.

During the recording process, the studio became his sanctuary, a creative environment where he often reached a meditative state of escapism, when he could leave behind his downhearted feelings about the political landscape and the bigger, existential questions those concerns raised.

Drums played in rain collection tanks, water rushing against the limestone, frogs, crickets, and even a rattlesnake all appear throughout the record. Taking inspiration from methods pioneered by John Cage, Nash then randomised the sounds and music before rearranging them according to the I Ching (The Book of Changes).

Such experimentation was key to the making of Lifted, says Nash: "It’s all about finding, searching for little sparks of inspiration. It may be a sound, a groove, a colour, or even an object. Old things are inspiring. Whatever it is, when you find it, it spreads like a conflagration that is out of your control.

"It doesn’t matter if you’re making a record or living your life, find these inspirations with a vigil eye and watch them change both you and your world."

Opening act Joana Serrat, by the way, named her latest album Dripping Springs after recording the songs with Nash as her producer in his home studio there.

Tickets are on sale via brudenellsocialclub.co.uk.