PERHAPS not surprisingly, given the recent plunge in temperatures, members of The Press Camera Club have been posting a lot of photos of frosty winter scenes, recently. And splendid photos they are, too.

Sue Gabbatiss and Emma Richardson focus close-up on leaves, their outlines rimed with frost. A low, crisp winter sunlight features in both Jayne Beilby-White’s photo of her dog, Beau Bear, and Mike Suttill’s study of the Pocklington Canal.

There’s a wonderful depth of silence to Sandra Michelle Hillyer’s shot of logs piled up in the heart of Dalby Forest. But our two favourite photos of the week must be those by Ron Jr and Brian Laughton.

Ron has captured an early morning ride along Filey beach. It’s the light that makes the picture; both the low sunlight slanting into the riders’ faces, plus the gleaming sands which throw back a distorted reflection of horses and riders.

Brian Laughton’s photo of cooling towers at Drax, meanwhile, is a perfect study of a microclimate in action. Artificial clouds of condensation stream from the top of the great towers, while around their feet pools the mist of a January day. All is lit by the clear gold of a low-lying winter sun. Beautiful.

Stephen Lewis