HE MAY be used to sharing tales of ghosts and ghouls, but has Trevor Rooney now found himself entangled with aliens?

Trevor, who runs The Ghost Tour of York, claims to have caught footage of an Unidentified Flying Object while enjoying a coffee and a cigarette in his home near Selby this week.

The former stonemason, musician and photographer said he was in his home at about 5pm on Friday when he spotted an unusual light behind bushes outside his house in North Duffield.

Trevor said: "By the time I got my camera switched on and in focus, this light moved out from behind the tree, just moving really slow, and then it sort of wobbled a little bit.

"It got so far, and I was going to lean round to catch it going out of sight, but before I got chance it just went. Gone, really quick."


As shown in the video, the light appears to hover above the ground, moving left to right before disappearing suddenly.

Although it looks suspiciously like the reflection of a torch or headlight in a pane of glass, Trevor is adamant what he caught on camera was from another world.

Trevor said: "Over the years, I've seen things and I've seen flying saucers, even when I was a kid. But you never get chance to catch them on film, and when you do, you're really lucky to do so.

"I believe in flying saucers and UFOs, and I believe in alien intelligence and all the rest of it. So I stuck it out there [on Facebook], and I get all these people who don't believe in such things. Which is fair enough, I've got no problem with people who don't believe in things."

Trevor shared the footage on social media, followed by a 30-minute video of his thoughts and reaction to the clip, and hoped to hear from anyone else who had seen a similar sight.


He said: "I don't know if anybody else has seen it, so I've shared it.

"Because it was so bright, it's got to have been seen by other people. It's going to come out that I wasn't the only one, and that's what I'd really like, for a whole load of other people to say 'I saw it as well'. And it would be good if someone else managed to film it so we could confirm."