FRANK Carter and The Rattlesnakes will play Fibbers, York, on February 23 in the lead-up to the May 3 release of their third album on the International Death Cult label.

Billed as a "stadium-sized declaration of intent and a deeply personal cri-de-coeur ", End Of Suffering was recorded over six months as the summer-long heatwave engulfed London last year.

Named after the Buddhist term for enlightenment, the new album is the sound of a band "entering an entirely new realm of the senses, a 40-minute rock’n’rollercoaster of molten-hot bangers, scorched-soul ballads and grunge lullabies, laced through with a lacerating lyrical honesty".

Recorded with George Ezra and Jack Savoretti's producer, Cam Blackwood, End Of Suffering finds Carter and co-songwriter Dean Richardson leaping headfirst into uncharted waters.

"I saw an amazing bit of graffiti during the Paris riots which said: ‘We’ve cut off heads for less than this’. I loved that attitude," says Carter. "People are sick of being force fed doom and gloom."

Listen out for Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello guesting on guitar on Tyrant Lizard King, by the way.

Tickets for York, the closing night of the 13-date British tour, are on sale at