A FILM set in York has been shortlisted in the National Film Awards.

Scott and Sid is a semi-autobiographical debut feature film from Yorkshire lads Scott Elliott, 33 and Sid Sadowskyj, 32, who had never written, produced or directed a full-length feature before.

Locations in Scott and Sid include York’s famous walls and city centre streets, cafes and restaurants, including the grandeur of Ask in the Assembly Rooms, Biltmore, and Grey’s Court Hotel, Aviva and Huntington School.

Their £1million film premiered last March and after earning several rave reviews from the critics, it has received nominations for Best Drama, Best British Film and Best Supporting Actress.

Mr Elliott admitted that the four years it took to produce the film were tough, and he said: “It was so stressful at times but we wanted to show younger people that going after your dreams can be quite boring.

“It will take years of hard work but I’d compare it to a sausage. The end product is a lot better than some of the stuff you have to put into it.”