Post offices are not just money making exercises, they are centres of the community.

The decision to close Lendal Post Office has come as a shock to many residents in the city who rely on Lendal Post Office for numerous services.

Despite noises about the competition the Post Office currently faces from email and other digital communication technologies, many York residents still rely on Lendal Post Office for vital services.

The closure of Lendal Post Office is not only a blow to the residents of York, it puts the long-term future of our widely respected Post Office workers at risk as Lendal Post Offices move from a public service to a private business, WH Smith, recently voted worst high street retailer by a survey of over 10,000 consumers.

The Tory-Lib Dem coalition administration at City of York Council says it will not oppose the move.

As Labour Party candidates in the 2019 City of York local elections, we strongly support the Labour Party’s policy of stopping the closure of Crown Post Office branches, which perform a vital function for the community, particularly the elderly, disabled and mums with pushchairs and prams, for whom access is critical.

We will continue to campaign against the closure of Lendal Post Office and for the continuation of our city’s Crown Post Office branch so that York residents can continue to benefit from this vital public service.

Chloe Anderson, Ian Craven and Alex Mair,

Huntington & New Earswick York Labour Party,

Whitecross Gardens, York