A FRAUDSTER who stole £64,500 from one of the world’s top theatre impresarios has been jailed.

For three months, York fashion salesman Jay Damian Jones, 44, used millionaire David King’s credit card details to siphon money via his business accounts into his personal accounts.

Then he lied to the award-winning producer behind The Spirit of the Dance and many other top shows across the world, claiming that the transfers had been done by three other people, said Jessica Strange, prosecuting.

But Mr King saw through the lies and the fake invoices Jones used to cover up his crimes.

After being arrested and charged in 2015, Jones pleaded not guilty and then repeatedly got the case adjourned by giving a list of medical reasons, including an operation that he said he was going to have done, but failed to have done for more than a year.

When he finally pleaded guilty, Judge Andrew Stubbs QC told him: “Since your arrest and interview, you have done your best to avoid the consequences of your actions.”

He jailed him for 11 months.

“It seems to me for someone who over this protracted period of time obtains this amount of money, only an immediate custodial sentence is appropriate to provide proper punishment,” he said.

Jones, of Christchurch Road, Leeds, pleaded guilty to four charges of fraud.

His barrister Fiona Clancy said he needed to have an oxygen bottle with him at all times and suffered from cluster headaches, depression and anxiety.

He was also scheduled to take a series of medical tests.

“He feels he would not cope particularly well (in prison) and would face significant difficulties in relation to getting medical assistance,” she said.

York Crown Court heard Jones was jailed for six months in 2016 for an unconnected sexual offence.

Ms Clancy said Jones’ health had “significantly deteriorated” since then.

Ms Strange said Jones made 12 transfers using the bank card details without permission as he stole £64,500 from June 16, 2014, to September 18, 2014.

He stole so much the credit card was overspent and was rejected when Mr King tried to use it to buy fuel for his car.

Surprised because he always kept well within its limit, Mr King contacted his bank which told him about the transfers through Jones’ companies Fashionista (York) Ltd and Canei.havethis of Leeds.

Mr King rang Jones, who spun him a tissue of lies, the court heard.

The theatre producer has been recompensed through WorldPay.