THE Yorkshire-based team 'Row4Victory' are around two-thirds of the way through their 3,000 nautical mile race across the Atlantic Ocean.

In the team's latest blog from their rowboat in the middle of the ocean, posted on Sunday, they say "great progress" is being made, with just over 1,000 miles left to go.

Described as “the World’s toughest endurance race”, the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge began at La Gomera in the Canary Islands on December 12, and the finish line is at English Harbour in Antigua.

Team Row4Victory consists of four friends from North Yorkshire: Duncan Roy, Fraser Mowlem, Glyn Sadler and Will Quarmby.

They have been faced with adverse weather conditions, giant waves, sea sickness, some technical issues with the boat, and even injuries, including Duncan Roy being stung by a jellyfish when cleaning the hull.

However, the foursome are once again rowing in pairs, two hours on and two hours off, around the clock.

The blog details life on the boat; their routines, the conditions, and the wildlife they see, including whales, dolphins and shoals of dorado.

Will Quarmby, who used to run a deli in Sheriff Hutton, said: “We are no longer beginning this challenge but finishing. We dare to start counting down the days and miles rather than up. We are no longer getting further away from our loved ones but closer. When you think you’ve given your all you can find reserves in new depths to think your now going home and back to family and friends.”

The team reached the 1,000-mile mark (a third of the race) on Christmas Day, which was described by Fraser as “the best present we could hope for. We all took ten minutes off from the oars to share a mince pie, open our Secret Santa gifts and make phone calls home to our children, wives, girlfriends and families.”

Row4Victory are taking part in the challenge in aid of two military charities: the Royal British Legion and Ryedale-based Soldier On! - in December, they raised over £4,000.

Will Quarmby said: “Every donation is fed back to us and we’re continually blown away by the unwavering generosity of the people who hear about what we’re doing for the Royal British Legion and Soldier On! and feel moved to contribute. What we’re going through is insignificant compared to the pain, trauma and loss felt by some of the people these two incredible charities help every day of the year.”