TWO long-term friends are bringing a taste of Rome to the streets of York.

Alessandro Venturi and Robin George have opened A’Roma Pasta Bar in Silver Street, next to Shambles Market.

The bar will be serving a mixture of authentic pasta dishes, bread and cakes, such as Bruschetta Crostatine and Torrone Bianco.

The duo, who grew up in Rome together, were pursuing different careers in England, but they decided that York would be an ideal place to reignite their love for cooking by opening the business together.

Alessandro said a love for cooking runs in his family.

He said: “My grandmother used to grow all kinds of vegetables in our garden and taught me the fundamental skills of cooking. It is where I first got my passion to cook.

“I have been lucky enough to be mentored by Michelin-starred chef, Vitantonio Lombardo, whilst also working in several kitchens in Italy, France and England.”

Robin said: “We started working on the idea about three years ago. I was working in Nottingham and Alessandro was a chef in Meltons, York.

“We had always wanted to work together and our love for cooking seemed like an ideal opportunity.

Robin added that they use both dry and fresh quinoa pasta in their dishes, as well as cooking it al dente - firm to the bite - the true Italian way.

He said: “There is a specific way that pasta is cooked in Rome.

“People seem to think that dry pasta is the best but we believe that our dishes cooked with fresh pasta will help change their minds.”

Robin added that their signature dish is the carbonara and that it will be served differently to how most people expect.

A’roma will be serving food every day from 10am until 5pm.