NEW Year, new start. So what else could we possibly set as the theme for the January Press Camera Club competition than... #newbeginnings.

It is a theme that can be interpreted many ways - and camera club members have been doing just that. Entries have ranged from new life to new friendships, the dawning of a new day - and, of course, the dawning of the New Year.

There's a lovely sense of the possibilities of friendship in Pamela Shertler's 'New Beginnings'. We don't know who the children are, but our minds can fill in their story for us.

Barney Sharratt's photo, meanwhile, is a poignant study of the beginnings of frail new human life. It shows Barney's two-month-premature granddaughter in her incubator. This is a story with a happy ending, however. "She is now taller than me and as fit as the fiddle that she plays so well!" Barney says.

There's a wonderful, crisp clarity about Sue Gabbatiss's newly-sprouting larch - and a misty sort of mystery about Brian Laughton's early-morning view from the River Ouse at Barlow towards Drax Power Station. Industrial buildings - at least when viewed from a distance - really can fit into the English landscape, it seems...

Stephen Lewis