With regards to the sorry state of affairs at York City FC, I think I have a solution that may kill two birds with one stone.

With regards to filling the current managerial vacancy, may I suggest they do it via a monthly raffle, with first prize being to become the manager for the month.

This will surely throw up some better candidates than have been selected in recent years by Jason McGill and his friends.

Further, holding such raffles would bring in much needed funds to aid the purchase of players with some spine, commitment and passion (I long gave up the hope of seeing any skill at Bootham Crescent).

Duncan Kirk,

Burton Avenue,


Making a stand on all-seater stadium

TO comply with funding conditions laid down by the Football Foundation, York’s new Community Stadium will be all seater (No safe standing, The Press, January 3).

Do these people go about with their eyes shut?

For years 30 per cent of spectators at all-seater stadia have been standing to watch the game.

Peter Rickaby,

West Park, Selby