I couldn’t agree more with Phil Pinder, chair of York Retail Forum, in his New Year message (The Press, December 28).

He said that we need a city centre summit to bring all parties together to achieve a positive future for our city centre.

I also agree with his vision of the city centre as a community hub for York residents in which a thriving retail sector is only one “ingredient”.

At the council meeting on December 13 I proposed the following successful amendment: ‘To request Executive to instigate special meetings (or city centre summits) to bring together all relevant city centre partners such as the BID, Make It York, The Retail Forum, Indie York, the city centre police team, Safer York Partnership, relevant council teams such as Street Cleaning, Neighbourhood Enforcement and Homelessness Support, city centre residents and voluntary and community sector organisations to work together and take a constructive, problem-solving approach to tackling crime and antisocial behaviour in the city centre.’

I am pushing the Executive to implement this decision and look forward to working with all partners to make our city centre a better place.

Denise Craghill,

Green Party councillor for Guildhall ward,

Broadway West, York