IN 2014, Olga Koch's father was stopped by authorities on the Russian border, resulting in the most surreal year in her family's life.

Now the Russian-born storyteller seeks to dissect this real-life spy drama with nothing but a projector and her comedic insights on a British tour that will visit the Burning Duck Comedy Club in York on February 28.

In her one-hour show at The Basement, City Screen, Olga will take her audience on an insider tour through the making of modern Russia, where "the political is always personal, and no-one knows why the [Russian] host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? lies passed out in your childhood bedroom".

"While most British children spent the 1990s watching Art Attack and eating Lunchables, Olga’s family experienced the lowest lows and highest highs of post-Soviet freedom, with her father going from a janitor to Mayor to Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, to game-show host, to dissident," says Olga's tour publicity. "It’s not your average fairy tale: Fight is where The Princess Diaries meets Vice."

Donning her signature tracksuit, Olga will present her dystopian take on how history – fashion, or otherwise – always repeats itself. As told by this bright new talent on the British comedy circuit, Fight is "the battle cry for a generation that takes freedom for granted, inspired by a generation that grew up without it".

Olga, a nominee for Best Newcomer in the 2018 Edinburgh Comedy Awards with her debut show at 25, will be on tour from January 14 to March 23. Her 8pm York gig will be her only Yorkshire date; tickets are on sale at