A YORK couple have been banned from keeping dogs because their lack of care left their pet with mobility problems and in a poor state.

Jason Michael Addinall, 48, and Yvonne Addinall, 46, also face a total court bill of £1,025.

Their cream Lhasa apso, Hendrix, had a bad skin condition, badly overgrown nails on his paws and bad conjunctivitis when the RSPCA were alerted to his condition.

The charity took over care of the dog and summonsed its owners to York Magistrates Court.

Each of the Addinalls, of Hewley Avenue, Tang Hall, pleaded guilty to three charges of animal neglect committed between January 1 and August and they were banned from keeping dogs for three years.

Their solicitor Kenton Sargeant said: “The loss of Hendrix has been a really sharp punishment for them, and the loss of their good character.

"They thought they were doing the right thing.”

They had had great difficulty deciding to sign their dog over to the RSPCA but had finally done so.

Jason Addinall was fined £450 with a £45 statutory surcharge and Yvonne Addinall was fined £200 with a £30 statutory surcharge.

Each was also ordered to pay £150 prosecution costs to the RSPCA.

Andrew Davidson, prosecuting, said the dog has improved since he received proper care.

Mr Sargeant said the couple had been under pressure when they neglected their dog.

Yvonne Addinall had been hospitalised with meningitis and pneumonia from January to March and her husband’s thoughts had concentrated on her and not the dog, both while she was in hospital and while she was recuperating at home.