RE the story “20 elderly residents told to move out for a year” (The Press, December 19).

What price City of York Council’s flagship Centre of Excellence which has planning permission to be built on the former Windsor House site adjacent to Lincoln Court, the homes of the 20 elderly residents?

The council closed Windsor House and dispatched the care home’s elderly residents, many suffering from dementia, to different locations around the city.

In 2017, there were 27 residents and 34 staff.

Now, in line with the demolition of the former care home, the council decided to build an additional 10 flats on to Lincoln Court for elderly dementia residents.

We now know this has resulted in the displacement of 20 more elderly residents.

The so-called Centre of Excellence has destroyed the heart of this community.

Shame on you, City of York Council.

Sue Wherrett,

Ascot Way,

Acomb, York