RESILIENCE is what we all need in today’s world, reckons York campaigner and theatre maker Sue Lister MBE

"Everything is changing so fast and every day seems crammed with new choices and challenges, crises and opportunities. Yet life goes on," she says. "How do we do it? Perhaps you have a story to tell or an idea to share: what is resilience all about and what does it mean to you?"

Sue's Real People Theatre Company will be auditioning for Resilience, its 20th show for York International Women’s Week, on Saturday from 1pm to 3pm at the Tesco Community Room, Tadcaster Road, York.

Directed by Sue, the company's co-founder and artistic director, the show will include stories, poetry, music, images, interactive scenes and "anything else the all-women cast can come up with focusing on the theme of resilience, whether personal, local or global".

"How do we survive and thrive as we try to bring about a brighter future?" asks Sue, who will hold rehearsals for Resilience on Saturday afternoons in January and February, again at the Tesco Community Room.

"Having survived yet another Christmas, safe and cosy at home but with news of another tsunami and more tensions around the world, my thoughts are focusing ever more strongly on the resilience we’ll all need in the coming year.," continues Sue.

"How are we, as women, going to cope with whatever life holds in store? Where does our resilience come from? How much comes from past experiences and people we’ve known? How is it rooted in our mental outlook? How is it reflected in our actions? How much does it depend on others?

"Whatever the questions, personal, environmental and worldwide, and the answers women want to explore, January 5 is their opportunity.

"Please phone me for further details and to discuss possibilities on 01904 488870 if you want to get involved and make this 20th show a memorable experience."