DOUBLES, shadows, wagging tongues - and what looks for all the world like a bit of hastily applied lippy. This week's selection of photos from members of The Press Camera Club has got the lot.

We Brits are supposed to be a nation of animal lovers: and camera club members are no exception. Their photos capture all the warmth, humour and elegance that animals can so often display.

We love the soft, snuffing nose of Deana Fraser's inquisitive sheep, and the companionable double act of Susan Gabbitass's twin ewes. Ben Kirk's muddy border terrier is a study in duty (those sticks look heavy, but this is one little dog who's never going to give up), and Barney Sharratt's paired fallow deer at Studley Royal a study in elegance.

It is Sarah Simpson's German Shepherd, its tongue lolling out further than you'd have thought possible, that takes the cake, however. Have you ever seen a more contented-looking dog?

There are still two weeks to go if you think you can do better. So sign up to The Press Camera Club on Facebook, submit your photos with the #animals tag, and you could win £50 and and a canvas print of your picture. Good luck!

Stephen Lewis