TWO men are close to raising enough funds to get the green light for a new game they have made.

Paul Wilcox, 45, from Osbaldwick, York, and Jack Pope, 42, from Newcastle, are appealing to board game enthusiasts to help them reach the target of £12,000 to produce the game Flickfleet which will be released next year.

The duo, who have started the game company Eurydice Games, came together three months ago to produce a board game set in space.

The game is a space battle where two players compete using dexterity elements, with players flicking their acrylic space ships into position and then flicking dice at their enemies ships to destroy them.

Jack said that they have spent the past three months making in the game in Paul's garage and that the money raised will go towards the raw materials to help fund their dream project.

Jack said: “FlickFleet is by far the most approachable game we have made. It is fast, it’s fun and it’s quick to play.”

The game is a two player game and is suitable for players aged 8 and older.

Nick added that the games last 10 to 20 minutes each.

He said: “We think this is an ideal game for children to play with their friends, where they can hopefully learn a few things along the way.

“The game is also great fun for family members. We have both been making board games for over 15 years now and it is our passion and a dream of ours to do this.

“I have made a few in my previous company but this game is a fresh start for us both and we believe it will appeal to game players out there.

“You can pre order the game on our website that will be sent to you if we manage to reach the target. The money will help us afford a laser cutter so we are able to individually make each game for the players.”

Each game that is handmade by both members takes several days to finish.

The ships are crafted and constructed using 5 millimetre thick acrylic so they are easy to flick around the board.

The money raised will help the pair make 500 games.

Anyone interested in donating will receive a game shipped to them next year. You can donate until tomorrow at 4pm by visiting, and to learn more about the game.