Over many years it has become obvious that City of York Council are unable or unwilling to solve traffic congestion, reduce pollution and keep traffic flowing. They have closed streets to through traffic and they have missed an opportunity to put a through road on the Nestlé site from Wigginton Road to Haxby Road. Instead they have plans to open one for pedestrians, cyclists and buses only, missing the chance to ease congestion past York District Hospital.

Their latest hare-brained scheme is to close Micklegate Bar to traffic coming from town to Blossom Street. One reason given is to protect the historic structure of Micklegate Bar. Where do they think the traffic will now go? It will turn right into George Hudson Street, left up Station Rise and through the historic structure of the bar walls.

How will this extra traffic flow fit into their ideas for the restructuring of York Station forecourt? Extra traffic means more congestion and pollution.

I have said before in The Press it is about time these so-called planners got out of their nice warm offices and went round York and its outskirts to see where traffic lights have a mind of their own and where the installation of yellow box junctions would help to keep traffic flowing.

AP Cox,

Heath Close,

Holgate, York

Are indicators in the wrong positions?

Am I alone in thinking that in York the green man/red man indicators at the newer pedestrian crossings have been incorrectly positioned. Surely the upper indicator should be positioned so it can be seen by a pedestrian on the other side of the road not by the person requesting an opportunity to cross. The requester already has a lower indicator to tell them if they can or cannot cross.

ER Shepherd,

Wetherby Road, Tadcaster