A WOMEN in York has launched puppy social classes to help owners train their new pets.

Lisa Winter, practice manager at Tower Vets in York, has launched weekly classes that are held every Thursday night for puppies aged between eight and 14 weeks.

The sessions are meant to help new owners get to know their pets and what makes their bundles of fur tick.

Mrs Winter said that so far Cockapoos have been the most popular breed to attend the classes.

She said: "Several different breeds attend the classes including Dalmatians, Bull Terriers, Border Collies, Bedlington Terriers, Pointers and even Whippets.

"It’s incredible seeing the difference we make in the development of the puppies over the four weeks. The period between eight and 14 weeks is absolutely vital because what puppies learn then affects how they develop into an adult dog.

“It is all about showing owners how their puppies learn and the importance of socialisation and getting into good habits. It’s an opportunity for puppies to be introduced to sounds, surfaces, smells and other animals.

Mrs Winter added that the classes give the puppies a positive introduction to visiting the vets.

She said: "Instead of fearing a visit, they associate the practice as a place to have fun and treats from an early age.

"Getting a new puppy is a big responsibility and it is like having a new baby in the house so it is a great opportunity for owners to meet other owners and discuss how they are dealing with issues like chewing, biting and toilet training."

Classes are held from 7pm every Thursday and are open to non-clients. Anyone interested in taking part in classes can contact the practice on 01904 653961.