LAWRENCE Knight celebrates the life and music of the Thin White Duke in Bowie Experience.

Vocalist, actor and multi-instrumentalist Knight has performed his David Bowie tribute act across Britain and beyond over 19 years and has also worked with other famous artists and groups, including The Cure, Boney M, Roy Wood and The Boomtown Rats.

Knight’s years of experience portraying Bowie’s various on-stage personas is immediately clear, capturing not only his distinctive vocal style but also his eccentricity and eclectic sense of style. The variety and accuracy of the costumes is particularly striking, with Knight regularly changing outfits as the show transitions through the various phases of Bowie’s career.

Unfortunately, these transitions are also where the show shows its flaws. The extended instrumentals that play while Knight is off-stage are somewhat repetitive and uninspired, detracting from the otherwise superb efforts of the supporting musicians, and some of the on-stage costume changes feel amateurish and unnecessary.

Despite these issues, however, the show is still extremely enjoyable and, while some of this is down to the almost universal appeal of Bowie’s music, the performers all strive to deliver an experience that is both authentic and entertaining.

Bowie Experience shows off the best elements of David Bowie’s fantastical career. It’s camp, it’s glamorous and more than a little odd in places. It’s a heartfelt, worthy tribute to a much beloved icon and, most importantly, it’s a lot of fun.