THERE was no Willard Grant conspiracy and there was only one Willard Grant Conspiracy, baritone Robert Fisher being the single constant member of the collective from Boston, Massachusetts, and beyond.

Like The Fall's Mark E Smith, he worked with multiple musicians – 30 in his case, compared with "The Fallen" running to 66 in 41 years – but unlike the sack-happy Mancunian, the ever-inclusive Fisher would say "If someone tells you they played on this, they probably did".

All this, you will note, is written in the valedictory past tense because Fisher, musician and real estate agent, died of cancer on February 12 last year. And so, Untethered is his tenth and last album, made as he continued day job and night hobby through 2016.

The tapes have been "dusted down and brought to life" by long-time compadre David Michael Curry with acoustic guitars and strings to the fore. Ironically, Fisher had often written of death, but now with his own fate determined, he echoes Johnny Cash's last deeds, especially on the title track, All We Have Left and Saturday With Jane. The closing Trail's End has no vocal, Fisher untethered at the last.