JAH Wobble previews his new album, The Butterfly Effect, tomorrow (December 1) at Fibbers in York, ahead of its December 7 release on his  self-titled label.

Wobble, one-time bassist for John Lydon's Public Image Limited (PiL), has recorded eight new songs on his quickly delivered follow-up to June's Dream World, as he tackles such subjects as the nature of the mind, the post-modern age and what it is to be human, sometimes with his tongue in his cheek.

The Butterfly Effect was recorded at Inner Space Studios in London, each song originating from poems written by Wobble around the time of the global financial crash of ten years ago.

The Iron Lady Got Rust, in particular, looks back to a time when Margaret Thatcher imposed British banking banking deregulation and the free-market political and economic attitudes that Wobble believes led to the crash and, subsequently, to modern-day austerity and Brexit.

The album-opening title track examines "the interdependence of all phenomena", name-checking, among others, Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire, Bjork, Joe Strummer, Steven Spielberg, Casanova and Ringo Starr.

I Love Your Accent is Wobble’s humorous look at returning to his newly gentrified birthplace in London’s East End and staying a night in the area’s first five-star hotel in Bethnal Green.

Although very much a solo recording, the album also features his long-time Invaders Of The Heart band mates: Marc Layton-Bennett, percussion and drums; George King, keyboards; Sean Corby, trumpet and flugelhorn, and Martin Chung, guitar.

Now Wobble and his Invaders invade Fibbers tomorrow with support from Gimp Mask. Doors open at 7.30pm; box office, fibbers.co.uk.

Did you know?

Joining PiL at John Lydon’s behest in 1978, wild man of punk John Wardle was named "Jah Wobble" by Sex Pistol Sid Vicious after a drunken binge, Vicious also loaning him his first bass guitar.