HERE is an interactive tool to see how pub and bar culture has changed around your home in the last 17 years.

Almost a quarter of pubs around the UK have closed in the last ten years, according to figures released this week by the Office for National Statistics.

More than 11,000 pubs and bars have shut their doors for good since 2008, with the national number of drinking establishments falling from about 50,000 in 2008 to about 39,000 pubs in 2018.

Using these tools, created by the ONS, you can enter your postcode to find out how the number of pubs and bar-related jobs have changed near you in the last 17 years.

Use your postcode to find out how many pubs have closed/opened near you since 2001:

You can also look at your local authority or neighbouring councils, to see how their licensing decisions have seen pub numbers increase or decrease since 2001.

In its report, the ONS said the pubs in biggest danger of closing down in the last decade were "small, independently owned businesses", but "the number of independently-owned larger pubs is steadily rising".

It said: "Meanwhile, small pub chains, which are often regional, family-owned businesses, have also switched their focus away from small pubs towards medium and large bars.

Check how many pubs/bars have opened/closed by local authority:

"And at the same time, the large 'pubcos' - nationwide companies with 250 or more outlets - have almost completely abandoned small pubs, disposing of lots of them in the early 2000s, concentrating instead on their bigger bars."