THE ‘power of flowers’ is being used to tackle bullying in schools in York.

Local social enterprise Flower Power York has given tulips bulbs to schools across the city, which were planted last week during Anti-Bullying Week.

When the flowers bloom in springtime, they will be used as part of a ‘Lonely Bouquet’ campaign, said spokeswoman Sara Mair.

She said pupils will make bouquets, attach messages to raise awareness of anti-bullying and then leave them around the school grounds to be picked up by whoever comes across them - as a random act of kindness.

One of the schools involved in the project is Park Grove Academy, in The Groves, which is attended by Sara’s daughter Elizabeth.

Sara said: “Park Grove Academy is such a lovely school with a strong ethos of friendship at its heart.

“The children learn about how to prevent different types of bullying as well as finding out what to do if they are worried.

“We’re so pleased we could be part of the school’s activities to mark Anti-Bullying Week.”

Sara Smith, of Hob Moor Oaks School, which is also involved in the project, said said she was very excited about it and knew the children would love it.

“Tolerance, kindness and celebration of difference are at the heart of Hob Moor School,” she said.

“We are delighted to be involved. The children will love it!”

Sara Mair said delivering community projects was what Flower Power York was all about.

“Flower Power York grows flowers organically, then uses them to deliver activities using flower therapy to enhance wellbeing, supporting people experiencing mental health issues and addressing loneliness and social isolation,” she said. “We’re a social enterprise so we deliver workshops and events such as Festive Wreath Making.