Review: Lauren Pattison: Peachy, Burning Duck Comedy Club, The Basement York, November 21

LAUREN Pattison has had a heck of a successful year, something she’s not used to shouting from the rooftops. Her show Peachy sets out to change that attitude: it’s a show all about seizing opportunities and not keeping things to yourself.

Part romantic comedy, part self-exploration, Pattison navigates her new-found confidence and the culture clashes that go with it, from dating in London to dinners in Newcastle. She’s unflappably optimistic with a hint of pragmatism; the result is a refreshingly honest show.

Pattison links anecdotal material into an overall narrative chronicling the year after her 2017 show, Lady Muck. There’s plenty of fun observations that pepper Pattison’s universe, building the world of her show easily for the audience (although for somebody who hates inspirational quotes, the buffet metaphor doesn’t half pop up as a runner).

A couple of points overrun before the punch line arrives, but Pattison is such a likeable presence that you stick with her, and it’s well worth it for the pay-off, especially on her gigs in Newcastle.

Support comes from Rob Mulholland, who is happy to push the audience on a number of social issues. It’s clear no real offence is meant, however, as Mulholland's immediately charming persona diffuses the tension in the room as easily as his audience work warms the crowd.