AN epetition calling for stricter regulations on the use of fireworks is due to be debated on the November 26.

Every autumn we have the same predicament. Fireworks are let off in the weeks preceding November 5 and then continue in the following weeks.

The loud and unexpected bang of an errant firework can deeply distress animals and people with mental health conditions.

If fireworks were just let off on November 5 that would be tolerable. But every year thousands of animals suffer as a result of fireworks. Unable to rationalise the loud bang, animals perceive them as a real threat, causing significant distress. Wildlife are also affected by loud bangs. People with anxiety, autism and PTSD may also find their conditions exacerbated with the many random loud bangs.

It is quite incredible that in 2018 this is still allowed to happen. We place such value on political correctness and health and safety.

These fireworks are not offending but causing extreme distress to others. In a health and safety context, how can it be acceptable that any member of the public can buy explosives? It is not acceptable that such harm is being caused when there are silent fireworks available.

If you share my thoughts and views, I would urge you to sign the epetition and contact Rachael Maskell to request her support in the debate on November 26.

There is also a Facebook group called FAB who continue to campaign for tighter control of fireworks.

Rachel Stevenson,

Princess Drive, York