YORK Central MP Rachael Maskell has branded the Government's Brexit deal 'rotten' and asked the Prime Minister to extend Article 50 'to ensure the country does not fall off a cliff edge if negotiations fail.'

Ms Maskell, who quizzed Theresa May during Prime Minister's Questions in the Commons, said the PM turned down her suggestion.

She also said she would vote against the deal when it reaches Parliament, as it did not meet the six-tests set out by Labour to support jobs, the economy and the environment with necessary guarantees on standards and protections. She said it would also weaken national security and had left future trade uncertain.

She said:“After two years of negotiations we now have confirmation of this Government’s botched Brexit deal. It is a miserable failure that puts the future of our country at risk and commits us to years of division and uncertainty.

“This rotten deal fails Labour’s six tests and puts jobs, our economy and the environment at risk. Whether you voted leave or remain, you did not vote for this. I will not back this deal and will vote against it. If this deal is voted down, as I expect it will be, I will work with my colleagues across parliament to block a no-deal.

"Theresa May’s Government is in chaos due to her failure to negotiate a deal in the national interest, and I am alarmed that she is now refusing to put basic measures in place to protect the country from the fall out”.

“It is clear, the Prime Minster no longer holds the confidence of Parliament or the country. Her position, and that of her Government, is untenable.

"I believe that urgent steps must be taken to end this chaos, and move to a General Election. "Everything must now be on the table, as we seek to lead our way out of this catastrophic mess. "This is the greatest constitutional crisis seen in a lifetime, and only Labour can restore trust in politics. I will act in the best interests of my constituents at all times.”