BIZARRE requests which have been made by hotel guests in York include asking for a duvet to keep a much-loved Ferrari warm.

Travelodge hotel teams in the city have revealed some of the strangest things they've been asked to do during the past 12 months.

"Can I have a duvet to ‘tuck my Ferrari in’ outside? It doesn’t like the cold," was one of the most peculiar by a visitor staying at the Layerthorpe hotel.

"Can you wait in the online queue and get me VIP Spice Girl reunion tickets?"was another, asked at the Micklegate hotel, along with "Can you call the train station and ask them to hold the train?" at York Central.

Other oddities range from:

• Can I borrow your trousers for a job interview? (York Hull Road)

• Will you help me into my wedding dress? (York Tadcaster)

• Can you make sure it is a full moon tonight? (York Central)

• Can our reindeer stay too? (York Layerthorpe)

• Can you choose a birthday present for my wife today? I have a meeting (York Micklegate)

• Can I buy a Travelodge dreamer bed? (York Hull Road)

• Can you pretend to be my PA for the day? (York Tadcaster)

Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge spokeswoman, said: “With 19 million customers staying annually in our 553 UK Travelodge hotels across the length and breadth of the UK, our hotel teams receive thousands of unusual requests from business and leisure travellers.

"Where possible, the teams will go above and beyond to help customers. They do like a good challenge. However there are some requests that they cannot help with, such as: arranging dancing dolphins at Lands End, for it to snow and to ensure all traffic lights are green for a business executive so that he gets to his meeting on time.”