COUNCILLORS have slated the names chosen for streets in the first phase of York’s Germany Beck development.

They say the street names - which include Crimple Crescent, Harden Way, Thornton Road and Washburn Close - have no connections to Fulford or York, and claim developers Persimmon Homes should have consulted locally before choosing them,

City of York Councillor Keith Aspden said it was ‘really surprising’ the developers behind the 650-home scheme had not sought to engage with the local community before coming up with the names.

“Although it is not a legal requirement to consult, this is a big missed opportunity,” he claimed. “This could have been a chance to consult with and engage the existing community, or even perhaps, run a competition at our local schools.

“Some local residents and the parish council have already raised concerns, as well as a few eyebrows, at some of the names.”

A Fulford Parish Council spokeswoman said it was ‘truly disheartening’ Persimmon had missed such an excellent opportunity to consult with the local community in choosing names which could be relevant to Fulford’s history and the development’s relationship with Germany Beck.

She said: “The chosen names bear no such relevance or relationship and in taking this decision on the street names without any consultation, Persimmon Homes have again, disappointingly, failed to engage with the local community.”

Persimmon said a decision was made to name streets after regional watercourses in the first phase, following a suggestion from York’s council, adding: “We are happy to look into the possibility of changing the road names of later phases, if agreeable with the council.”