A MARCH through the streets of York this afternoon (November 10) attracted around 3,000 protestors, who were demanding that the public have a final say on Brexit.

Organised by York for Europe, demonstrators gathered in and near St Helen's Square for the People's Vote march, which was followed by a rally, where 10 speakers addressed the crowds.

From St Helen's Square, the march took place along Stonegate, Low Petergate, Church Street, Parliament Street, High Ousegate, Spurriergate, Coney Street, New Street and Davygate before returning to St Helen's Square for the rally.

The People’s Vote is a campaign group calling for Britain to have a public vote on the final Brexit deal between the UK and European Union.

Martin Brooks, chairman of York for Europe, said: "700,000 people marched in London a few weeks ago in support of the People's Vote. We believe that it's a democratic solution to the mess that we're in over what to do with Brexit.

"There's no clarity about the deal that's being offered, there's no particular support for any one of the Brexit options. It's clear that any of them are going to be damaging to the country and it's about time we realise that staying in the European Union (EU) is by far the most sensible thing for the country to do."


Mr Brooks said a People's Vote should include the option of remaining in the EU.

Former York MP Sir Hugh Bayley spoke at the rally and said: "The government is divided, Parliament is divided, even Boris and his brother, Jo Johnson MP, are divided on this, the most far-reaching political decision our country will face in a generation. The way out of the impasse is for Parliament to back a further referendum - to test whether leaving, on the terms our government have negotiated, is really what the public wants."

Denise Craghill, who is a Green Party councillor for the Guildhall ward in York, also spoke at the rally.

She commented: "We know that most of what was promised back in 2016 isn’t going to happen. Far from £350million a week for the NHS we know that our economy, our businesses, our public services, our young people and the European citizens who enrich every part of our society are going to suffer – and nobody can really name what we are ‘taking back control’ of or how that will actually improve anything.

"We really need to lay to rest the nonsense that a second vote would be undemocratic and say loudly and clearly that a vote to give everyone a chance to look again is the only democratic thing to do."