Siren, UK, Shattered Dreams (Salted Caramel Chocolate Edition) – 9.1%, £5.70

SHATTERED Dream is the bigger, bolder version of Siren’s Supreme Champion Beer of Britain, Broken Dream. Taking the same award-winning coffee breakfast stout recipe, and upping everything to hit a heady 9 per cent ABV, this special brew is always a hit with Siren’s fans. However, what makes this batch extra special is an addition of salt, vanilla, and chocolate, to create a salted caramel and chocolate take on this imperial breakfast stout.

Opaquely black, a thick brown head of tiny bubbles forms into a solid three fingers of foam. The aroma is led by the fragrant nuttiness of hazelnuts and walnut husks, touched by an undertone of wheat bran. This is pushed aside by a rush of vanilla and powdered sugar doughnuts, shot through with a glug of rum.

Thick and unctuous on the palate, this salted caramel and chocolate batch of Shattered Dream is led by an overarching caramel sweetness, balanced with a satisfying saltiness. This is contrasted by roasted grain, bitter black coffee, and fruity cacao nibs.

Gluey caramel sweetness remains the dominant flavour right into the finish, where boozy vanilla extract and a shot of espresso crash across the palate. This is rich, full bodied, and sweet, drinking closer to a dessert wine than an ale. It may not be for everyone who loves the balanced roasted flavour of Broken Dream, but as a conceptual spin on a classic, this version of Shattered Dream is fantastic.

Recommended by Michael Bates, Trembling Madness, York