A YORKSHIRE author has published his latest book, which is helping to support Flamingo Land’s conservation work in Africa.

The Mud Monster, written by Jonnie Wild, is the second in the Five Flamingos series, which takes youngsters on a vivid and exciting trip into the world of African wildlife.

Jonnie, from Harrogate, set up the Yorkshire Rainforest Project, which protected an area of Peruvian rainforest, and now has similar projects all over the world.

His involvement with Flamingo Land’s Udzungwa Forest Project began after he met its founder, Dr Andy Marshall, who is also the park’s director of conservation.

Jonnie said: “He was very inspiring, passionate and enthusiastic. I was keen to establish a connection with York and Leeds universities and their environmental work, so we gave Andy a grant towards conservation work.”

Proceeds from the book will go towards The Udzungwa Forest Project, the flagship project of Flamingo Land and Reforest Africa, a partnership of international scientists, African conservationists and local communities, researching and testing the best ways to conserve and increase forest cover for the benefit of wildlife and local people.

The book is published by Otter-Barry Books and is priced £6.99.