CLIFFORD'S Tower is being bathed in purple light to show York's support for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.

York council leader Ian Gillies and executive member Carol Runciman joined Jean Clark, 60, of Foxwood, at the historic tower after the lighting was switched on tonight to mark Pancreatic Cancer UK’s Purple Lights for Hope campaign.

Jean, who was diagnosed with the illness in 2013 after initially being diagnosed with acid reflux, said she was 'very lucky to still be well', and wanted to ensure residents recognised early symptoms.

In the UK, 24 people die from pancreatic cancer every day, with 3 out of 4 of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer unable to survive the first year.

Jean said: “With an average of 3% of patients with pancreatic cancer surviving more than five years, I know I am very lucky to still be well.

“This has made me more determined to help raise awareness of the symptoms which often misdiagnosed. Acid reflux, pain on eating, weight loss and lower back pain are common symptoms. Having two or more of these should always be investigated.”