FILM maker Finn Varney and engineer Fred Spaven have journeyed 900 miles from Lands End to John O’Groats on a classic motorbike converted to be electric.

The pair from Malton have made the epic journey on Fred’s British-built 1961 Royal Enfield, Bullet.

Fred said: “The Bullet fell into my hands in 2013, when it was retired from military service in India, and as I set about the task of restoring it, I wondered whether it might be possible to convert this lovely vintage bike to run on electric.”

Fred and Finn met in the local pub when they were younger and decided to make the journey together. The Bullet - powered by a stack of ex-Nissan Leaf batteries and a British-made DC motor - needed a charge every 50 miles or so. It was its need for these stops that gave the pair the idea that the journey could become more of a tour of environmental engineering in the UK, which Finn would film.

On October 22 the pair passed through Ryedale and charged the Bullet at Howsham Mill,.

They they headed north to the Leeming Anaerobic Digester in Durham University, the world’s first hydro-powered house at Cragside, Northumberland, and Dundee, which has a “visionary” electric vehicle policy.