THE arrival of a multi-million dollar Hollywood blockbuster in North Yorkshire was greeted with amazement and welcomed by readers of The Press.

As reported exclusively on Tuesday, Hobbs & Shaw - a spin-off from The Fast & Furious franchise - will be filmed at Eggborough Power Station in coming weeks.

Special sets have been built at the site, and while it is unclear whether stars including Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Jason Statham, Idris Elba and Vanessa Kirby will be filming at the power station, the announcement went down well online.

Commenting on The Press' story, reader 'Enfield123' simply summed up their reaction in the comments section with: "Fantastic!"

Meanwhile, 'york_chap' cheekily made his own suggestion for the spin-off: "Will there be an NYP camera van in the car chase sequence, just to add a bit of gritty realism?"

Reader 'rupertbehr' also suggested the cast and crew might spend their downtime in nearby Selby: "I'm sure they'll all enjoy a couple of nights out on the 'mean streets' of Selby, having completed a day's filming."

'Jonlogical' summed it up with the simple comment "Eggborough. The Hollywood of Yorkshire", while 'Funny The Other' suggested a last-minute title change to "T'fast and t'Furious, starring t'Rock" and 'Ghost of Oscar Deutsch' suggested "If they'd filmed it on the York bypass during rush hour they could have called it 'The Slow and the Tedious'".

The film will be released next summer.