A UNIQUE historical attraction will see the audience stand shoulder to shoulder with sword-wielding Vikings in York.

Plans for the pop-up immersive theatre, with different sets including a great hall, Old Norse village and courtyard, were given the go-ahead by City of York Council and it will be built at the Castle Car Park from January 18.

The venture has been launched by Christian Turford, who builds sets and props for movies, along with his brother, Liam, a project manager and self-confessed history nerd.

They are joined by Christian’s wife, Natasha, who is a performer and scriptwriter.

Christian, 30, said: “We always wanted to start a business together and this was our way of doing that. We have always been a history-loving family, all our family holidays were to places like Dunkirk or to look at castles.

“For Liam, history was his passion, but he didn’t have the academic side. He always wanted to be a historian, that was his goal in life. This is our way of showing that there are other ways to engage with history. And we want people to have a good time with their friends.

"The moment you walk through the door, you feel like you are in the Viking world, you are a part of it."

Christian said there has been a boom in the popularity of immersive entertainment, such as escape rooms, The Crystal Maze live experience and The Great Gatsby theatrical production.

And he hopes that, by bringing the Vikings back to York, the team will be paving the way for more immersive theatre in the city.

The show will feature special effects and "aims to capture the excitement of battle and the true essence of life in the Middle ages" as part of a historically accurate performance.

As part of a VIP experience, visitors can also dress up in historical costume and interact with actors, sets and props.

The script has been written by Natasha in partnership with award-winning theatre company Fat Rascal.

And the team have already had more than 1,000 actors apply for auditions to take part in the production.

The show will be suitable for anyone aged 12 and older, with tickets costing £26.80. There will also be a Viking village with food and drink stalls, which will be free admission.

The council executive agreed to plans for the theatre at a meeting last month, with a report saying the project will "reinforce the future vision for Castle Car Park".

The report adds: “It has the potential to provide a significant new attraction within York’s overall offer and to complement the existing Viking Festival."

About 100 spaces at the car park will be used to accommodate the theatre, with the organisers asked to reimburse the council the full amount of income that would be received from those parking spaces.

Christian, Liam and Natasha are based in Bingley and the theatre will be built in Keighley.

To book tickets or find out more visit vikingsyork.co.uk.