THE Yorkshire Shepherdess, Amanda Owen, is the focus of Harrogate artist Anita Bowerman’s Christmas card collection for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Anita has illustrated four paintings for the charity for this year’s card designs, with North Yorkshire hill farmer Amanda featuring on one card with her flock of sheep and sheepdog, while two depict snowy scenes and York Minster adorns the fourth.

Amanda, 43, is not only a shepherdess but also a writer, photographer, public speaker and mother of nine, who lives with husband Clive and their family at Ravenseat in Upper Swaledale, one of the highest, most remote hill farms in England.

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The shepherdeess, the sheepdog and the artist at Ravenseat

Anita, who runs The Dove Tree Art Gallery and Studio, in Back Granville Road, Harrogate, is an avid supporter of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA), whose prompt actions helped to save the life of York Theatre Royal pantomime stalwart Martin Barrass after a motorcycle crash in September 2016, when he suffered 17 broken ribs, a “mashed” liver and a fractured ankle and "died" twice before making a full recovery.

"I've undertaken many illustrations for the charity and I immediately thought of Amanda when creating a wintry Yorkshire scene for this Christmas," says Anita. "I was so pleased when she agreed to be the focus of the painting. She felt she could help promote the invaluable work the Yorkshire Air Ambulance does in rural areas.

"Amanda and her life as a shepherdess in this stunning scenery perfectly captures the essence of the Dales. I absolutely adored illustrating this winter scene featuring Amanda, her beloved dogs and sheep at Ravenseat in watercolours and gouache. I, too, love animals and spent many hours working on each sheep and dog."

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Anita Bowerman's charity Christmas card for the Yorkshire Air Anbulance depicting The Yorkshire Shepherdess at her Ravenseat farm on a winter''s day

Amanda came to national attention on the ITV series The Dales and subsequently she began documenting her farming life, publishing two best-selling books, The Yorkshire Shepherdess in 2014 and A Year In The Life Of The Yorkshire Shepherdess in 2016.

"I am thoroughly delighted to be able to offer my support to the YAA," she says. "It was an incredible honour to be painted by such a talented artist as Anita and collaborate with her for such a worthwhile cause.

"I’m very impressed with the quality of Anita’s artwork; she really has captured the individual features of the dogs and sheep, which is very important to me – for all are very different characters and the picture reflects this."

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York Minster, by Anita Bowerman, for her charity Christmas card pack for the YAA

Studying Anita's card design closely, Amanda says: "It does make me smile wondering what exactly happened after the picture was painted. The Yorkshire Air Ambulance is hovering above...I wonder whether I was trampled by the sheep or savaged by a sheepdog?! The picture is already hung up and very high it is too, out of reach of the many grubby fingers at Ravenseat!"

Amanda’s 2,000-acre working farm has more than 1,000 sheep and is an hour’s walk west of Keld, exactly half way on the Coast to Coast walk, but a two-hour drive from the nearest hospital. "We are very much aware that living as remotely as we do, the YAA is a vital service than can make the difference between life and death," she says.

"We have had our fair share of medical emergencies, though are fortunate to have never yet ourselves required the services of the YAA."

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A snowy scene for Anita Bowerman's Christmas card pack for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Abby Barmby, the YAA's director of marketing and communications, says: "We have worked with Anita for a number of years now on our annual Christmas card collection and each year they grow in popularity. This year, having Amanda included on one of the designs has just added something extra special to the collection, and we are absolutely delighted to have her support.

"In fact, Amanda’s card has been one of our most popular selling designs ever! Thank you to both Anita and Amanda for such a wonderful collaboration to support the YAA."

Profits from card sales are donated to the YAA, helping the charity to raise the £12,000 it needs each day to keep both of its helicopters in the air, helping to save lives across the region. The packs of cards cost £4 for ten cards and envelopes, including postage, and are available directly from, Anita at and Amanda at Alternatively, call in at Anita’s Harrogate studio.

And there is good news from Amanda to finish on: "Hopefully this is just the start of an excellent fundraising project with Anita, which I would love to be involved in," she says.

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Taking shape: Anita Bowerman painting Amanda Owen for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance Christmas card